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ELPAC Exam Terms & Conditions

(Applicable to candidate taking the ELPAC Exam)

Version 1.1 – February 15th 2020

I understand that if the details on this form are not completed my Application may not be processed.

A copy of this Terms & Conditions MUST be given to the Candidate, at the time of filing of the application form. It is important that the candidate reads and fully understands the applicable test related rules & regulations given hereunder;

  1. Exam Owner: The GEP Exam is owned by EUROCONTROL.
  2. Authorised Centre: This refers to the Authorised Exam Centre as approved by EUROCONTROL which is INTEGRAL EDUCATION also referred to as the “Centre”
  4. Identification Document (ID): A valid Passport, a National ID is currently treated as the approved ID.
  5. Validity of the Identification Document (ID): The ID that is submitted by the candidate and accepted by the centre, MUST be valid as on the date of the Exam. If the validity of ID submitted by the candidate expires before the date of the Exam, the candidate WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to sit the Exam, the candidate will be treated as NO SHOW and no refund will be admissible in such case.
  6. Arrangements for Special Needs: INTEGRAL EDUCATION Authorised Exam Centre will try its best to arrange for the special needs (such as Visual difficulties, Hearing difficulties, Specific Learning difficulties i.e. Dyslexia) of an applicant as requested and as per the details provided in the application form, supported by necessary Medical Certificate. In certain circumstances, the requirements may take long processing time. It is therefore suggested that the applicant discusses with the test centre such requirement prior to submitting the application form. INTEGRAL EDUCATION and the Centre would try their best to make such arrangements, but do not guarantee fulfillment of such requests at all times.
  7. Application Form: Application form, completed in all respects will only be considered. Incomplete applications will be rejected. The details on the application form are collected for the purpose of the ELPAC Exam and that these details may be disclosed to, processed and stored by INTEGRAL EDUCATION and the Centre for the purpose of Exam administration and that these details and the Exam results will be disclosed by INTEGRAL EDUCATION on the verification site and to those academic institutions or other recognizing bodies to whom the applicant submits enrolment application, for the purpose of allowing such institutions or entities to verify the results of the Exam.
  8. Exam Fee: The Exam fee is fixed by the Centre and communicated to the candidates from time to time.
  9. Payment: All Payments, for Exam fee, Transfer / Shifting (i.e. Postponement / Pre‐ ponement) must be paid by the candidate at the moment of the registration.
  10. Photograph: All applications must be forwarded with applicant’s recent 3.5 * 4.5 size photograph (no later than three months old).
  11. Allotment of Exam Date: Date will be allotted, based on the choice provided by the applicant in his / her application form or as selected while completing the online registration. However, in case the requested date is not available the candidate will be notified of the next available date, which if acceptable to the candidate will be allotted else the application will be returned to the candidate.
  12. Information provided by the Applicant: The candidate takes full responsibility for the correctness of the information provided in the application form. Any information found to be incorrect at any stage will automatically lead to cancellation of the Exam and the result. The fee paid for such Exam will stand forfeited.
  13. Request for Transfer of Exam Date: A request for transfer of Exam date (i.e. postponement or preponement) to another date will be entertained as per the "Exam Date Transfer & Cancellation Policy", in effect at the time of such request and as modified from time to time. The decision of the Centre, would be final and binding on the applicant. An administrative fee will be charged.
  14. Request for Withdrawal / Cancellation: All applications for withdrawal/cancellation will be entertained as per the "Exam Date Transfer & Cancellation Policy", in effect at the time of such request and as modified from time to time. The decision of the Centre, would be final and binding on the applicant. An administrative fee will be charged.
  15. No Show / Absent on Exam Day: In case an applicant fails to report on the Exam date, his / her application will be treated as cancelled, and the candidate will lose their full Exam fee and NO REFUND would be possible. The decision of the Centre, would be final and binding on the applicant.
  16. Exam day photograph: All candidates taking the The ELPAC Exam will have their photo taken on the day of the Exam. This increases the security of the Exam. No‐one will be able to access your picture unless you give them access to it. All photos taken on the Exam day are treated as confidential, like all your other information.
  17. Malpractice: The Centres will strictly deal with any malpractice(s) adopted by the candidate, including Impersonation, Tampering / Adjusting seating plan with malpractice in mind, copying / collusion, disrupting the Exam in any manner, removing or copying or attempting to remove or copy any Exam material from the Exam room, doing anything that might in any manner damage the integrity and security of the The GEP Exam, as per guidelines of INTEGRAL EDUCATION and the local law of the land. The Exam taken by such candidates will be CANCELLED and the candidate will be DISQUALIFIED. The candidate can also be liable to prosecution and may be prohibited from taking the ELPAC Exam in future, as per the decision of the Centre and law of the land, which will be binding on the candidate.
  18. Results: The Exam 'Results’ will be deliver to the candidate after four working days.
  19. Delay in results: INTEGRAL EDUCATION takes all necessary steps to release the results within the stipulated period. However, in view of the quality assurance audits, including re‐checking etc., in some cases, the results may be delayed. Candidates will be informed by Email as provided on the application form about such delay including the revised result release date, by the Centre. INTEGRAL EDUCATION and/or the Centre will not be held responsible for any delays that may be caused in view of such quality assurance activities and no claims or refunds would be entertained.
  20. Exam Terms and Conditions: Once an application is submitted, it will be assumed that the applicant has read and understood all the terms and conditions herein. The terms and conditions can be modified and/or changed as deemed fit, by the Centre and INTEGRAL EDUCATION, without giving prior notice. Such modified terms and conditions once communicated to the applicant would be applicable and binding on the applicant.

Declaration by the candidate.

I wish to be admitted for a GEP Exam at the Centre for the date stated in my form. I understand that this is an electronically submitted form and needs no signature and I understand that by completing this form I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions and confirm my acceptance to abide by them.

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